Case study: Corporate portraiture on location in Birmingham

The Brief

The brief on a corporate photo shoot will vary tremendously. 

The reasons behind this can be many. It could be location ( too cramped ), time limited, the final use (website, social media, PR and the list. goes on).

Sometimes, like with this shoot our client had asked us to take some shots for them 3 years earlier,(seen alongside)  irrespective of a change in brief, the staff members could have changed, corporate I.D, may have been modified. 

The rationale behind this, was the client wanted, as well as being the professional organisation that they have industry recognition for, want to show that they have personality.

When we had some initial ideas sent though to us were very pleasantly surprised. The thinking behind this was that there would be a more traditional corporate style shot, then a series of shots taken to bring out the. personalities of the staff. They in turn would have access to these images for use on their own social media but with the individual members consent, could be used in the corporate world too.

When taking any form of portrait, after all of the technical stuff is done from the photographers perspective is to introduce the subject to the scene, this can be quite daunting for them.

It is key from our perspective to get them relaxed, so that we can manipulate them  quite often into a pose that is not natural to them but looks fab from the camera’s point of view. 

So we started off making sure that we did this, covering off the conventional aspect of a professional headshots. 

Now for the “fun” stuff luckily for us one of the 1st people was really game for pushing some boundaries with the poses. We got some great shots with an added benefit, as they were a well respective member of the team, we could show the shots taken on our laptop to the next subject, really getting an easy buy in.

Our client as well us was delighted with the results, it was great fun to take shots like this and we look forward to working with them in the future,

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