Case Study: Product Photography Bromsgrove

Creative Lifestyle Product Photography
Isn’t it lovely when someone has been on your website, likes what they have seen and then decide to commission you for some work!

Well that is just what happened here, a local fledgling business contacted us asking about our product photography and our availability plus costs etc.

We had a conversation about their requirement so that we could understand things and 3 days later we did the studio product shoot.

So who were they and what did they need?

They are called Iylah and as their product is a cosmetic item, all of their marketing imagery needs to be seen on all of the relevant platforms, Twitter, Instagram etc.

They were really proactive in sourcing and supplying lots of good props and we had a great deal of choice when getting the product photography as well as the social media photography done.

Studio Lifestyle Product Photography Lifestyle Product Photography

When we work with someone, we do like to get the background behind their brand and it was great to hear, that they had done loads of research into the the top quality ingredients that went into their wonderful fragrances.


The images needed to convey the fresh and exciting vibe that these guys had created, so we set up some great bright lighting for the social media shots.

Creative Front Cover Lifestyle Product Photography

Product photography had more reverence to it, yet a little cheek too.


I think that the images convey the feeling that they were trying to create.

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