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Dpix Creative Photography: Premier Studio Facilities in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

State-of-the-Art Studio for Stunning Product Photography

At Dpix Creative Photography, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional studio facilities that cater to all your product photography needs. Located in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, and easily accessible from Birmingham, our studio is designed to bring your products to life with precision and creativity.

Studio images of chairs

One of the standout features of our studio is the infinity curve, a seamless background that eliminates lines and shadows, which allow us to create a  perfect setting for capturing professional-grade images. This feature is ideal for product photography, helping us to capture every detail of your item and they are highlighted without distractions. Whether you have small gadgets or larger items, the infinity curve helps create a clean, consistent look that is essential for high-quality commercial images for use on a website, brochure, advert or exhibition.



Our lighting setup is another critical component of our studio’s success. Equipped with a range of professional lighting options, we can tailor the lighting to suit the specific needs and style of your product. From soft, diffused lighting that highlights textures and colors to more dramatic lighting that adds depth and dimension, we ensure your products are showcased in the best possible light. This attention to detail is critical to getting perfect results.

Darren, the owner of Dpix Creative Photography, brings over 30 years of experience in product photography to every shoot. His expertise ensures that each product is photographed with an eye for detail, creativity, and perfection. Darren’s extensive experience allows him to provide valuable insights and suggestions, ensuring that your products not only look great but also communicate their unique value effectively.


Choosing Dpix Creative Photography means opting for a studio that combines state-of-the-art facilities with decades of professional experience. Located conveniently in Bromsgrove, our studio is the perfect choice for businesses in Worcestershire and Birmingham looking to elevate their product photography. Trust us to deliver images that will make your products stand out and drive your business forward.

They were really proactive in sourcing and supplying lots of good props and we had a great deal of choice when getting the product photography as well as the social media photography done.


When we work with someone, we do like to get the background behind their brand and it was great to hear, that they had done loads of research into the the top quality ingredients that went into their wonderful fragrances.



dpix specialise in product photography, commercial photographyfood photography, Website photography and social media photography on location or at their fully-equipped studio.
dpix’s skilful creative photographers Darren Shipman & Julie King are qualified members of the British Institute of Professional Photography.

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