Our Charity work

Go back to October 2020.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, a charity that is dear to us has been severely impacted on by the lack of organised events that are allowed to take place. 

This year the charity will be 31 years old!

Edward’s Trust are a bereavement charity that support families that have lost a child or children that have lost a parent, as you can imagine they really make every penny that they have donated to them count. 

Since I have known of Edward’s Trust and started to support them, I didn’t realise that an old childhood neighbour of mine had sought support for her and her children when she tragically lost her husband. 

When I found this out, it was even more of a motivator for me to help out. When they we asking for support for their 31st anniversary by undertaking to do 31 “somethings” over the 31 days of October. 

I volunteered to do this for them without much of an idea of what I could do, I am keen on running, drinking, watching football and listening to live music, so thought that it would be the basis of my activity. 

Now I don’t know about you but there are some things that I am either not keen on, good at or both and the moment you let any of your potential sponsors know this… you’ve guessed it, those activities become your next challenges.

So with the help of my wife Julie and lots of friends and networking colleagues we set about trying to sort out what we could do and in what order, also bearing in mind that we had some social distancing to adhere to, too!

Take a look at the images, not every event has a photo but amongst them are:

 Hula Hooping, Belly dancing, Yoga, Pilates, a HIIT workout session. Running a 10k, doing a Zumba class (yuk!)

Baking, painting stones, carving a pumpkin, drinking a pint as fast as possible, litter picking with the running group, dog walking ( we don’t own a dog) feeding a neighbour’s cat while they are away. Walking on stilts, karate, watching a live band & drinking-(who said I couldn’t multi task), running back from dropping my car off for an MOT, walking to collect some eggs from a local farm shop. Wearing a rival team football top.Mowing the lawn, cutting back an overgrown tree to name but a few. 

I was very well supported by friends, neighbours alike both financially, with activity suggestions and in actually doing the activities. 

I am delighted to say that I managed to raise a fantastic £1450 . 

If you feel that you would like to donate to the charity please click the link 

Call us on 01527 874819 or use our contact form