Location photography- A case study of HNS Signs

Going on Location

Most businesses are proud of their work, they like to work hard do a great job. When the work is finished, the client is happy it is a great opportunity for them to commission a commercial photographer. It is the perfect time to go on location photograph their end product to help them showcase their fantastic work to the world.

HNS Signs Birmingham are certainly no exception! It has been a pleasure to work with a talented and imaginative team and help them show off some true “craftsmen skills” on a variety of projects.

The Challenge of location photography

When we were first asked to visit a working site in Birmingham, while they were applying gold leaf in a some very challenging conditions we wondered what to expect. We certainly didn’t expect to be faced with a material that if there was a gentle breeze could end up on the floor and many pounds of gold leaf wasted.

Above is a selection of just a small amount of the images that we took for them in Birmingham, Leicester and London.

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