Advertising Photographer for your seasonal campaigns!

Advertising photographer for your seasonal campaigns, and we’re not just talking Christmas! Get out that shiny new 2017 calendar and start highlighting key times for marketing campaigns throughout the year. Our expert advertising photographer can help you set up spring, summer, autumn and winter looks all in one day, to tailor images to your annual marketing literature.

Just think how much easier running your seasonal marketing campaigns would be if you had your bank of bespoke images at the ready.  Every leaflet, brochure, newsletter, blog post, Facebook update and advert would be a breeze to create!

Here’s how a little forward thinking at the beginning of the year can save you time, hassle and money.

One photo shoot

With a little organisation and forethought, it is possible to get a whole year’s worth of marketing images from one photo shoot.  It just needs a little planning and the right advertising photography team. The time and energy you put into scheduling marketing activity at the beginning of the year will save you heaps of hassle in the long run and means shouldn’t miss a deadline and you can really get your money’s worth out of your professional commercial photography .

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, the summer holidays, an event you’re planning, a competition or big campaign, or a new product or service launch – it can all be planned in, and photographed in advance.

Out-of-season sale

You can save on budget by picking up props at a fraction of the price when they’re out of season.  Quality crackers at reduced prices, summer flip-flops from the bargain bin… Think about the images you want to capture and be on the look-out for great deals.

Be creative

We know it’s not always possible to have seasonal products available so far in advance, but with a little creativity that’s not always necessary.  A photograph of someone unwrapping a gift, for example, can be all you need – without showing what’s inside.  And remember photoshop! You don’t need a sunny day to create a summer picture. The beach background can always be added in afterwards as part of the design process.

Make it personal

Don’t forget to add personality! The old adage ‘people buy from people’ has never been more relevant than it is today, mainly due to the popularity and widespread use of social media.  Customers want to see behind the brands and the products, so ditching those stock images and getting some professional (and fun) pictures of your team will make all the difference to your marketing and advertising campaigns.

If you need a flash of inspiration, we’re happy to get involved in the planning process to ensure you come away with a versatile bank of images to show off all year round.  You might also find our blog on promotional photos helpful when considering your campaign. 

When you’re ready, give our advertising photographer a call on 01527 874 89 and let us capture your campaign photography early. 


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