Advertising images – why they should sizzle and not bang

Advertising images should sizzle and not bang?! What do we mean? Well, just think about a firework display.  What is it that leaves a lasting impression?

A bang is gone in a flash. It might make you jump and capture your attention for a moment – but it’s the slow burners, the sparklers, the fizzing sizzlers that keep your attention longer and imprint themselves on the back of your eyelids when you close your eyes.

A banger – a photograph that’s designed to shock or jump out at you through its obviousness – may do the job momentarily by drawing the eye for an instant.  But does it stay with you?

A sizzler – an image that sparks the imagination, captivates, fascinates and keeps your focus for longer will be far more likely to imprint itself, like a light-burst, in your mind’s eye.  And you can guarantee it’ll be the sizzlers that make you ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’!

Isn’t this what you want from advertising images?

We love projects that ignite that flash of inspiration, and let our artistic side explode!

Here are a few fire-cracker techniques we use to create sizzling advertising images that sparkle.

Create a dazzling display

Being a little inventive with the way you display products…

advertising images






















can really turn heads…

advertising images

sometimes literally!

advertising images























Choose your highlight

You don’t always have to give the whole picture.


Choose an interesting feature to highlight and let people’s imagination fill in the rest.

advertising images

Take an abstract approach

It doesn’t hurt to be indistinct…


advertising images

Be subtle, be mysterious, be ambiguous…

advertising images

know what we mean?

advertising images

Give it a glow

Lighting is the professional photographer’s best friend…

advertising images

Creating reflections and refractions, a glimmer, a glint, a flicker or a blast…

advertising images

Get the glow right and the results can be magical.

advertising images

Let us ignite passion for your products with advertising images that spark the imagination.  You might like to look at our product photography portfolio, or even read our last blog about a catalogue photography shoot

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