A behind-the-scenes glimpse of what we’ve been up to (part one)

For those eagle-eyed dpix Creative Photography blog readers among you, we’re sure you’ve probably noticed that we haven’t posted an update for a while.

No, we didn’t decide to take six months off and sun ourselves on a tropical island somewhere or go island-hopping (if only!), and neither did we run out of things to write about (that just isn’t possible!)

No, the truth of the matter is, we’ve been busy bees, delivering a wide range of commercial photography and video projects to an even wider range of customers across the UK. (For more details about the comprehensive range of services we provide, check out this link).

However, rather than tell you we’ve been busy and just leave it at that, we thought it would be good to actually show you what we’ve been up to. So, here goes…

Project: Capturing HNS Signs’ work at The Arcadian, Birmingham

Specialism: Commercial photography, building photography, architectural photography, location photography.

Photographer: Darren Shipman

HNS Signs are a team of skilled sign-makers, who wanted promotional images and video footage taking of pioneering wayfinding signage that they were painting for an unusual job they were working on at The Arcadian in Birmingham.

The job was unusual in the sense that projectors were needed, as the signs were being produced throughout the car park with ‘anamorphic’ projection, meaning that they had to read correctly from a driver’s perspective.

This was an extremely complex process – before they could paint each sign by hand, the wording needed to be projected and then outlined before being painted.

After many hours of painstaking work, all of the signs were successfully completed. In fact, the project was such a huge success that it resulted in HNS Signs receiving an industry award for their work. And we were there to capture key elements of the project photographically! Furthermore, the judges commented that the photos by way of an album, were what actually helped HNS Signs clinch the award!

Here are just some of the shots we took of this exciting project:

You can also see the project taking shape in this video.  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPs61szAnD8


Project: Capturing the process for a local design company

Specialism: Industrial photography, factory photography, commercial photography, product photography

Photographers: Darren Shipman and Julie King

A team of local designers recently produced a website for a company that specialises in selling a wide range of industrial products.

They got in touch with us because they needed us to photograph some of the manufacturer’s products, as well as capture their day-to-day processes, from start to finish.

We achieved this by producing studio photography that was against a simple, plain white background and incorporated consistent angles and lighting, which was rather challenging, as the items were all different shapes and sizes! But if you know us, then you’ll know that we love a challenge so, in typical dpix fashion, we took it in our stride!

We also visited the factory and captured their processes in reality, as well as their stock capacity, which you can see in the images below:

You’ll also find these project images, as well as a wealth of other examples of our wonderful work on Instagram too. You’ll find us here https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/861637716/


Project: Producing photographs for Tesco’s marketing collateral

Specialism: Commercial photography, advertising photography, location photography,

Photographers: Darren Shipman and Julie King

A London-based client who works for Tesco were recently commissioned by the supermarket giant to produce a batch of images of Tesco staff in-store. The photographs were for a mail drop that was being sent to local residents.

And, being the highly experienced and talented photographers that we are, we were asked to take care of the photography side of the mailer!

Our brief involved taking ‘spontaneous, casual, relaxed and engaged’ shots of various members of Tesco’s teams in working stores.

This involved us travelling within a two-hour radius of our Stoke Prior-based studio to take the shots and working at a number of different Tesco stores, including Stourport, Ludlow, Shrewsbury, Welshpool, Worcester, Redditch and Northampton.

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Shhh! Keep this under your hat!

Last, but by no means least, we couldn’t go without mentioning a special ‘top secret’ project we recently worked on.

We were commissioned by a local business to take some shots of a very exciting and historically-fascinating subject. Unfortunately, the project is still under wraps right now however, as soon as it’s publically revealed, we’ll be sure to tell you more about it. Watch this space!

So, there you have it, we have been busy bees, haven’t we?! And the projects we’ve just focused on are only the tip of the iceberg. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your photography requirements with us, contact us on mail@dpix.co.uk, 01527 874819, 07973 401819 or by completing our short online form.

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