Case Study: Location photography of sheds

Location photography of Sheds

As Commercial photographers we are very lucky to have worked in many areas and with a diverse range of industries.

It is very satisfying that when someone that you don’t know has a look at your website, invites you to visit their site and then quote for their photography. 

This is a classic example of that.

In late November/ December of 2018 we had a call, asking about what we could do for this customer.

We discussed the feasibility of them making a small garden set outside of their factory near Halesowen, propping it with all sorts of relevant items taking the shots of their product (garden sheds)  and then, due to the surrounding area being less than photogenic, adding some nice sky, trees above and grass to the foreground.

As we have seen and worked with similar but unrelated items we couldn’t foresee any issues. The only thing against us was the time of year and the very fickle weather.

We duly quoted the work that would need to be undertaken including quite a lot of post photography work, including sourcing grass for the foregrounds and a variety of tree filled skylines all taken on a sunny day.

The customer had a substantial amount of sheds that they needed photography of and as you can imagine they were a busy business, so we had to make sure that all of the sheds that were needing photography of were made and ready to be assembled in our garden set.

From our experience, it was a fascinating insight into an industry that we had only flirted with before, ( and I am a nosey parker). We were on site for about 5 days in total, we brought a host of garden tools accessories, even a few plants to bring the set to life and had some great fun taking the shots and really enjoyed working with a lovely company

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