Or: How The Camera Can Make You, Your Company And Your Products More Appealing To Your Customers (With A Little Bit Of Help From Creative Photography!)
Many customers come to us to make them, their businesses and their products look good, and we are more than happy to oblige. As professional photographers with bags of experience, and a creative and professional approach we can help their products to sell and their companies to grow.

It’s about having the knack, the know-how, and the knowledge. Our customers say that we seem to have the knack for getting them to relax, even if they don’t quite know how we do it.
We have the knack, know-how AND knowledge to deal in specifics but – just as the good cook adds a pinch of something special – we like the addition of a little something to make your products more appealing.


OK so we’ve got you relaxed but the creativity starts here. A ‘head-shot’ might be used for company literature, but a social-media pic could be made more interesting by incorporating an interest or hobby. Of course, we apply a subtle retouching for portraiture to enhance features. (Remove wrinkles, whiten eyes, even putting teeth in!)As dpix say: Where the camera always lies! So it’s a good job dpix never got the commission for Oliver “warts’n’all” Cromwell’s mugshot!

Headshots Worcester

Product Photography

Being creative also extends to product photography. Lighting (and under-lighting) so that a product’s key features are properly brought out and ‘highlighted’ to immediate view.
Good, commercial creative photography ensures the retention of the viewer to usher them to a sales-point, for example, a website check-out.

Industrial Photography

In the plant, in factories, the process is followed from design and prototype, through to quality-control, testing and dispatch. The setting and lighting is crucial here.

School/College Prospectus

We want to show the school in a natural environment, but we aim to add another dimension. We bring ‘lift and life’ to the pictures so that the school can be seen and viewed in the best light. What is posed can look contrived, so we look to be a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ and let real life unfold before us.


Location Photography

Anything not done at our studio, be it big products, large amounts of items, or groups of people, where we go to a client’s environment for convenience. (conference facilities)

Lifestyle Photography

Where the product calls for a natural environment for that particular product, a coffee-maker or cookware in an up-to-date kitchen, a lawn-mower outside in a garden cutting the grass, a barbecue on a beach.

Food Photography

Here we play on emotion, as it’s all about the finished product at its point-of-sale. We want to sense, experience and smell the sizzle of a sausage. We can capture the dish in its environment, or in our bespoke studio, anything to get the tastebuds tingling.

commercial photography snapshot

You say commercial, we say location… not just a snapshot, that’s our vocation… let’s call the whole thing a shoot.


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