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In today’s digital age, the prevalence of photographs, including headshots, has soared, making them an essential component of any modern CV. Gone are the days when mere written information sufficed.

While it may seem that the younger, digitally native generations revel in sharing pictures of themselves across various media platforms, the responsibility to maintain a consistent supply of portrait photos, headshots or brand images for a considerable number of purposes primarily rests on business professionals.

Our mission is to ensure you shine in every aspect: approachable, friendly, and inviting, while maintaining a high level of professionalism, often all at once. This can be at a location of your choice or in the comfort of our exclusive studio

A website demands more than just one generic “stock portrait photo.” Membership in professional organizations or a LinkedIn profile may necessitate a more formal headshot. On the other hand, company collateral or promotional materials typically call for a relaxed and friendly look, showcasing the human side of your service.

This is where the artistry and expertise of experienced portrait photography come into play, and dpix excels at ensuring that YOU present your best self, whether it’s for your professional image or social interactions.

What style of corporate portrait should we choose for our website?
A white background, something wacky or traditional?

Embrace Elegance and Luxury in Your Corporate Portraits: A Stylish Choice for how you are perceived

When it comes to selecting the ideal corporate portrait style for your website, the choices are as diverse as your brand’s unique personality. Do you prefer the timeless allure of a pristine white background, the whimsical charm of something unconventional, or the classic sophistication of a traditional backdrop?

Whether you require portraits for an individual, a dynamic group, or an entire workforce, we possess the creative prowess to transform your vision into reality. Our extensive experience as imaginative photographers has taught us the art of crafting the perfect blend of styling, lighting, and composition.

At the heart of our process lies the commitment to ensuring that everyone involved in the portrait session feels cared for and look fab. Our aim is to capture the true you, illuminating the very essence of your unique character.

You have the flexibility to choose between our modern, tailor-made studio or any location of your preference, allowing you to infuse a touch of style into your portraits. Remember, specialized lighting remains a quintessential element in achieving that flawless shot that truly defines your brand.

Corporate portrait Worcestershire, Corporate portraits Worcestershire,

As well as creative photography, dpix specialise in commercial photography, product photography and food photography, on location or at their fully-equipped studio.
dpix’s skilful creative photographers Darren Shipman & Julie King are qualified members of the British Institute of Professional Photography.

They are both DBS checked and love the challenge of bringing something new to each job.

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