Creative Commercial Photography – and why your business needs it!

So what exactly is Creative Commercial Photography? Basically, creative commercial photography involves taking pictures for commercial use, for use in adverts, merchandising, and product placement. It’s the creation of specific images to be used by businesses for selling or promoting their brand, both online and in printed media.

Here at dpix we take high quality creative commercial photographs that help you to reach your business goals.
But you don’t need it for your business, right? You’ve got a smartphone – surely any snap will do?

So why should you invest in Creative Commercial Photography?

Creative Commercial Photography

A great commercial image is something memorable. It has mass appeal, and a clear message. Creative Commercial Photography is a completely different genre to both creative photography and commercial photography, requiring a passion for the subject, styling, lighting and composition. That’s why our photographers here at dpix offer you the best product for your business, because you’re getting the best of both styles!

Creative commercial photographers create compelling visual images that speak specifically to the target audience of that product. The images produced and the style of production aligns very closely to overall branding strategy for that product or service and also plays to the target demographic that your company is going after. All of those photographs that you see in magazines, business websites, online publications, billboards, CD covers or posters all fall under the banner of commercial photography. And they’re there to entice you to buy that product. That’s their job! And let’s face it, they’re pretty good at it! Nobody buys from text alone. Human beings are visual creatures. So commercial photographs are the primary way that businesses entice their customers. But those photographs need to be effective! And utilising creativity to enhance these images is the ultimate way to boost your business’s visual presence.

Creative Commercial Photography

Here at dpix, our expert photographers Darren Shipman and Julie King bring their personal touch and specialised knowledge to creative commercial photography. They bring their own slant to the field, utilising over 20 years experience. Not only are they great photographers, they understand how things sell, and are able to capture the qualities that drive people to purchase a given product or service. Working either from our studio in Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, in your factory or shop, or on location anywhere in the UK, Darren and Julie deliver quality and effective images. They have a database of current businesses, and they’d love to add your business to their list! They also love a challenge – so bring them something different!

Creative Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is an art form of its own, quite removed from creative photography. Each product or service is different. Without an understanding of this your photographs will fail to deliver the message you’re aiming for. Your own expertise is creating your product or delivering your service. Here at dpix, Darren and Julie’s expertise is taking attention grabbing photographs with specialist lighting and using their in-depth knowledge of how to best represent your product in an image.

Creative Commercial Photography

And that’s why you need a professional creative commercial photographer! Because you can’t achieve that with a smartphone!

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