Creative Photographers – all part of the service!

Creative Photographers are the core of our business.

Creating visual images for our clients isn’t just about taking photographs and supplying them on a disc. It is about meeting their exact needs.

We recently had a client who wanted a visual depiction of their distribution centres dotted around the UK.

This was potentially a tricky one. The map could easily look cluttered and listing the names of the towns could be misleading…and ultimately not say very much.

So I hit upon an idea. What if I laid out a map of the UK – placed some pins (with our clients’ logo)  This would show the spread of UK centres and substantiate the brand.

I bought some pins online, painstakingly cut the company logo by hand onto the pins, then photographed them with a drop shadow (to seemingly expand the reach of each centre).  

It was a detailed, boring chore of a task. But, hey, there’s a nerd in all of us trying to get out – and with the help of some nice background music the hours whistled by as I got each pin exactly right.

The result was effective and exactly what the client needed.

Not only were they delighted with the results but we know there is every chance they‘ll be back to see us again…and may even recommend us to their business colleagues.

We were imaginative and resourceful….and that’s not what you’ll necessarily get with an inexperienced photographer who doesn’t have our experience or acumen for commercial photography.

Going the extra mile is all part of the service at Dpix. It may not make us unique – but it certainly distinguishes from the photography crowd.

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