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What is your definition of Commercial photography?2013-01-18T12:25:56+00:00

Commercial photography can cover many areas including: Advertising, Food and Drink, Location, Portrait, Product, Room Set, packshot and School Prospectus Photography. dpix Creative Photography can help with all kinds of commercial photography. If in doubt, just give us a call on 01527 874819.

What should a client look for in a Commercial photographer?2012-09-30T11:17:27+00:00

When commissioning a professional photographer, you want to make sure you are using a photographer with lots of commercial experience – someone who is used to seeing their work in print and online. They understand what is required and you are not wasting lots of time and money waiting for them to work out how to approach a shot.

How do I know that you are good photographers?2012-09-30T11:16:57+00:00

We are qualified members of BIPP – The British Institute of Professional Photographers which is the official qualifying and governing body of professional photography.

What should clients look for from Commercial photographers?2019-09-06T12:04:46+00:00

Clients should look for photographers who are members of the BIPP. This gives them reassurance that they are a professional photographer and their work is of a good standard. Clients should look at the range of work carried out, any specialisms that may be relevant and also their existing clients. A good photographer will have testimonials on their website. If in doubt ask for references from existing clients.

How quickly can you supply images or video?2019-09-06T12:04:46+00:00

Images are created in a digital format immediately. We process them and sometimes retouch images but they can be provided very quickly. Images can be provided in any format required and uploaded via a file transfer site if required. dpix will provide a DVD or CD of high-resolution images once the shoot is finished and the images prepared.

Who owns the copyright of the images?2019-09-06T12:04:47+00:00

Title and Copyright remains the property of dpix until the invoice has been settled in full. Images may only be used as per agreed usage, usage oustide of this agreement is subject to further charges by consultation of dpix. The Title of the image always remains with dpix unless a specific arrangement has been made.


What is meant by web-ready video?2019-09-06T12:04:47+00:00

At dpix we have the facility to shoot and edit high-definition video. The files produced can be compressed for online use to reduce bandwidth usage. This is known as web-ready video. We can also combine video with high-resolution stills. dpix will provide a DVD of digital video images once the shoot is finished and the images prepared.

What photographic or video equipment do you use?2019-09-06T12:04:47+00:00

dpix only use professional digital camera equipment and professional lighting systems. We also use digital video equipment and a professional editing suite to produce our videos. All videos are edited using Final Cut Pro. Digital images can be retouched or manipulated using Adobe Photoshop.

How long have you been a professional photographer?2012-09-30T11:13:52+00:00

Darren Shipman is an experienced professional photographer and has worked commercially for nearly 30 years. Julie King is also a highly experienced photographer with 20 years experience. Together they have over 50 years experience as professional photographers.