Preparing a photographic brief – advice from the experts!

When preparing a photographic brief I’m sure you’ll recognise the following:

You’ve had a new website designed, or your existing site has been updated, with information about your latest products or services. You’re itching to get it online but need to show how wonderful your products or services are… so you need to book a photographer.

Trouble is, how do you give them a suitable steer for what you want? How do you condense your needs into a photographic brief?

Here are a few handy hints to make the commissioning process as smooth as possible:

1. Use the internet for research

The easiest way to describe what you want is to provide a photographer with things you’ve seen and liked on other websites – or images your competitors are showing. Make a note of the things you like (and don’t like!) on other websites. Write down some web URLs if necessary – just make sure your photographer is given some thoughts and ideas.

The aim shouldn’t be to copy your competitors – but to show off what you do best. Your photographer will need this information so they can gain a grasp of the brief.

2. Have a clear idea of what want

Your photographer will need to know what the new images are supposed to say, who they are being pitched at, and how you want to use them. For example, is it for an online catalogue of products or to reinforce the quality of your service? These are fundamental aspects for any proposed photo-shoot.

3. Think of an ideal background

Again, research the market. You don’t want to clone your competition but a strong visual brand may be important and you need to consider how your images will look on a website. This is vital information for a photographer when setting up a shoot.

4. Consistency is king

If you have a strong visual brand make sure your images are consistent with your identity. Many businesses harm their image by constantly chopping and changing their look. If you don’t have a clear idea of your identity how can customers be expected to recognise your brand…and how can a photographer second guess what you want or need in a photo-shoot?

5. Have budget in mind

Photography is often about the art of the possible. That can depend on the available budget. You need to think about costs and how much you can afford or are prepared to spend.

These are essential items a photographer will need to supply an accurate quotation, set up the required photo-shoot and supply the exact images you want and need.

Preparing a photographic brief to meet our clients’ needs is all part of the service at Dpix.

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