Food photography : Prawn cocktail starter

food photography bromsgrove

Food photography of a prawn cocktail starter dish for a local gastro pub’s website.

When a local pub where looking to update their website, they contacted us to take some food photography shots, some interior and exterior shots of the venue.

Shooting Food photography on location can be more difficult as there are certain items of equipment that need to be in the photographer’s tool kit that more often than not would be left out of for example industrial photography set up. The lighting in that case would be more general and a lot less controlled than for food photography.

Attention to detail

Not only is it important to have the additional extra equipment when taking food photography shots but as it is up close and personal a keen eye for detail is paramount. It is true to say that some of the things in the shot if not quite right can be fixed when coming back to the studio in software such as photoshop but that is prevention rather than cure. As we are experts at photographing food we tend to take so many things for granted, which is great as we can almost prepare stuff in our sleep then make then fine tuning and adjustments just prior to capturing the final image, leaving just the bare minimum to do when we get back to the studio.

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