Industrial photography: Manufacture of leather interior

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Industrial photography of part of the manufacturing process of luxury car interiors from high quality leather.

Photography on location at factory of staff working with expensive material.

One of our designer clients has a customer that has a need to convey that they work to high and exacting standards, when working for their customers who make and supply luxury cars.

They wanted the images to be interesting, creative and informative.

We spent 2 days working in one of their factories capturing the essence of what they are about.

After a brief tour we set about getting the feel in the location photography that summed up the process, people and demanding standards that they set for themselves.

The shots that we took needed to convey the detail and care that went into their practices and procedures which we achieved using several practiced photographic techniques, including the use of shallow depth of field and atmospheric lighting for perfect industrial photography results..

As the factory was a “live” situation and timings were key we ensured that there was a minimum of down time and that the production was rarely stopped to help this, we frequently were seeking when they maybe a product changeover or when a break might be taking place.

It was demanding and at times not without challenges but the end result is justified by all of our efforts.


The image that you will see is one of a series. Some of the shots will be used internally for decor around the offices, some for brochure and website use.


We are honoured to have been invited along, privilidged to have been given the task and delighted with our end products.

Please take a look at the other images in this series.



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