Industrial photography: Testing of metal components after induction welding

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Industrial photography of manufacturing of components used in heavy industry.

Photography on location at a factory of a bend test of a finished component as part of quality control.

We were invited by one of our trusted business partners to visit their customer that had a need to convey that they work to within very low tolerance, when working for their various customers who work in heavy industry.

They wanted the images to be interesting, creative, informative and show their extremely high standard due to the nature of their end use.

We spent 2 days working in one of their factories capturing some of their process from start to finish.

We had an initial meeting to view the machinery that they were using and get an understanding of the processes.  As per usual we are nosey and  for a change this was a completely alien process to us, we were amazed.

The shots that we took needed to convey the technical approach that they took and how they monitored the process including a test to near destruction of parts. Shown here is a bend test where an incredible amount of weight was put on a finished part, to make sure the integrity of the  metal is good. So rather than breaking at the weld the metal merely bends, proving the joint to be perfect.

From our perspective we needed to use flash lighting to separate the subject from the background. It was important to show movement and also bring a consistent, corporate feel to the images.

The images are to be used in social media, on their website and in other areas where they need a strong visibility.

We found that the staff were friendly, the factory was a “live” working and we managed to get the shots that we needed with little or minimum disruption.

We are honoured to have been invited along, privileged to have been given the task and delighted with our end products.

Please take a look at the other images in this series.



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