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Lifestyle photography of a room set for a furniture manufacturer.

A Midlands agency had a client that they were working with that needed a total revamp of their product range.

Their client’s product was furniture for both for lounge and bedroom. The solution was to photograph the items in a room set situation.

Several meetings took place to make sure that we had an understanding of the market, the requirement and how it should be executed.

The end result was to be used on both website and for literature to send to potential resellers.

From a point of economics, it was decided the photography would take place at the factory, so the room set was  built onsite by the customer to our specification.

Plans were drawn up as to which furniture would go with which carpet, wall colouring and props etc.

The idea was to make sure that the environment was plausible and looked lived in giving an aspirational feel.

Photographic lighting is absolutely paramount to getting the final image to look and “feel” real.

It does take a reasonable amount of time, get all of the photographic lighting levels right and creating the correct mood for the shot, be it a subdued moody evening in by the T.V. or a bright and breezy early morning. The image is made or broken by the accent put on the lighting.


Here you will see lounge furniture photography, which has a has a lived in feel showcasing the furniture yet still looking natural.

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