Location photography in Worcester of food photography for posters

food photography

Taking shots of food is not just about the food,  as strange as it may sound.

So what do you need to consider?

The Style, the brand, the execution of the shots, can make or break the shoot.

Depending on the target audience, food photography can be shot in many ways.


Food photography of pizzas in WorcesterFood photography of pizza (pide) in Worcester

If the photography of food, is to go for example on some packaging where the food will be seen by the public, it will need to fit into a certain area on the carton or sleeve, it will be shown in it’s cooked format as a “serving suggestion”. More than likely it will be plated on something similar, and potentially could have some props in the background. This shot was taken for a poster to be displayed in the kitchen area to promote what was on offer.


Pizza photography in Worcester


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