Product photography: Studio photography of a watch

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Studio photography of a watch for a client’s website.

Photography at Dpix Studio of a watch.   We were contacted by a potential new client who had visited our website to see if we had experience at photographing watches before.

The client had not had a great experience with another photographer and was quite hesitant about placing work with someone that he had not worked with before.

They had a number of watches to get photographed and time was of the essence, they wanted to be 100% sure that if the work was placed with us that it would be up to the high standard that they were after, as previous experience with products in the studio for photography did not end well for them.

We decided that the best way forward was to take a sample shot of a watch that we had here and see if they were happy, price had been agreed so we could get on with the photography shoot.

The sample was submitted and approved, so we were then supplied with over 20 watches to photograph from 3 different angles. The one shown here being the more dramatic and giving the most detail.

The lighting for the product shots needed to be interesting, show the detail and also give a good feel of the quality of the watch being photographed. The final use was to have no background at all to be consistent with the style and theme of the client’s website.

We have added our own background, to create what we think is a stunning shot.




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