Studio Photography of Soup

Studio photography

When we are buying something, be it a product or a service, we always do a little research.

Buying photography is no different in fact, it is most important that if you are to employ a professional, that you know they are “fit for purpose”

Here at Dpix in Bromsgrove, we really do like photographing food, there are times tho’ when we don’t always have a sample to show potential purchasers of our food photography services,  quite what we are capable of.

….So if you don’t have a sample to show and you have a little time to spare, why not create something to show!

Like most professionals, we did some research, looked at what we liked and what we didn’t like then set about sourcing the props, bowl, background, ingredients etc.


When taking shots in the studio, it is very rare, for you to get ” the look ” that you were after at the 1st bite- sorry for the food pun. So several variations were taken, Then we started to make some progress.

These shots are of tomato soup, so why not show the raw ingredients?

We are delighted with the shots that we have created, its a shame it wasn’t a commissioned shoot as I am sure that we would have had, one very happy customer.

We can almost smell the soup, can you?


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