Or why you need a professional creative expert to capture your big moment in just one image

You know how it is – well, maybe you don’t, I say that both in hope AND expectation – you’ve organized an event that cannot be rescheduled for another day, but the picture does not do justice to the importance of the moment to YOU.

Well, as I said earlier, hopefully that has never happened to you or your organization because, not to put too finer point on it: It’s a real downer.

Awards to the company or an employee, an anniversary… how about a product launch…? Not a time to have skimped on the hiring of a professional creative photographer. A photo captures a moment, and that moment cannot by definition be recaptured at another convenient time.

Read on….

Public Relations photography is people-centred. And everyone loves a good people-centred story. Particularly your local paper, radio-station, TV company and national daily or glossy magazine.

public relations photography

But YOU, you need the best damn shot in order to ‘sell that story’ so that the media – local or national – will BITE!

Being creative as opposed to a run-of-the-mill ‘snapshot’ means using imagination and experience to make the shot engaging.

You have a need for maximum impact, well, an experienced creative photographer will deliver it on a plate for you.

After all, there is the old adage that a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

We’ll try to give you a 101 reasons to count your blessings that you got in a creative pro with an eye-for-detail who captured the moment and the spirit of your PR shoot.

Dynamism and impact, that is what your PR event featured, and that needs to be transmitted via the image so that a busy editor agrees, and the people at home can cast their admiring glances over YOUR story.

Some call it pizzazz – we just call it composition and art-direction – making people feel comfortable so that no amount of impact is lost in the final image that gets submitted to ‘sum up’ your day-in-the-sun.

Gotta catchy headline? We’ll provide the image to support it. After all, a story is only a few lines without a good photo to illustrate it.

When was the last time you saw the front page of a newspaper – any paper – with only text on it. Exactly!

A good story needs an equally top-notch photo alongside in order to get the media interested AND inform and entertain the folks reading and watching.

Opening a restaurant? Any PR event would need a food photography specialist – not always easy to come by. dpix do not just specialize in commercial photography however – we cover the whole gamut of human-interest stories.

PR Photography_1

As creative and commercial photographers of 20 + years standing, PR photography has made a regular appearance in our client offering.

dpix’s PR photography – it’s not just about getting the lighting right on your big day….!
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