Roses are red violets are blue… Our creative food photography is solely for you.

It’s that time of year again, love is in the air and the world is full of hearts and flowers.

As the good ‘ol fashioned romantics that we are at dpix, we are passionate about creating images and food, with our love of flour (sorry we couldn’t resist ),  we can create the right mix for bringing together a marriage made in heaven of food and photography.

With simplest of ingredients, a subtle use of lighting and delicate composition, we can create a scene fit for a visually stimulating feast.

Whether it’s a burger on a barbecue or cake at a banquette, we love photographing it.

Food Photography Birmingham

Capturing the emotion within the food is a key part of our job at dpix as professional food photographers, we use various techniques to create dynamic images – to do this we use some pretty expensive kit . Using the correct lens, maybe with a shallow focus, will certainly bring the potential customer’s eye to the part of the image that matters. After all, we would like to make them hungry and salivating just at the sight of your delicious dish.

Ok so that all sounds a bit cheesy, we aren’t always quite as gushing but hope that you get the message for our enthusiasm to help our clients win, our pulse rises at the thought of creating mouth-watering images when they wish to promote a new menu, food venue or packaging for food.

So if you are involved in the supply of food and are hungry for more customers, why not give us a call and discuss your next food photography project.

We can honestly say that we would love to hear from you.

Here at dpix we provide food photography as well as product photography and, just about any other kind of commercial photography your organisation may require in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire and Birmingham.  We can work further afield too, although our studio in Bromsgrove is fully equipped with everything needed, including a pure white infinity scoop, and of course, a kitchen for food photography preparation.

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Darren Shipman & Julie King are qualified members of the British Institute of Professional Photography.

We hope that you have liked what you have read and that it made good sense. We are also happy to quote if you require our services if you would like to discuss a project, either click here or call dpix 01527 874819 – 07973 401819  for a no obligation chat.

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