Amazon Photography

                                                                                                                           Amazon and Ebay

So, you may be an established business or you may be starting off a new business. You have decided that you would like to sell on one of the top platforms like Amazon or Ebay. The most popular outlet for product photography other than a bespoke website is Amazon, it is important to make sure that your listings sing off the page, its imperative that your text is accurate but your Amazon photography is crucial.

It goes without saying that you do need high quality images, these will be supplied on a white background. We have taken literally hundreds of different subjects that have been sold on these platforms. Working from our Bromsgrove based studio, we do cover Birmingham, Worcester, Redditch, Kidderminster and the West Midlands. We are happy to travel anywhere if needs be. We are able also to take shots of the item “in situ” which are known as lifestyle images. They do give credence to your products and will cost more to take. We are happy to discuss this with you but you will need to have thought through what you are hoping to achieve.

                                                           We have assorted packages dependant on your requirement.

All images are taken and supplied on a white background (RGB 255) Unless they require either modelling or to be shown in a lifestyle environment, which, due to the potential variations are priced on an individual basis. For more information re the criteria for Amazon this link takes you to their page with the specifications required.

• Package 1
. Taking up to 5 shots of 1 item, supplied on a white background. Cost  £180 +VAT.

Headings, captions and bullet points on 2 images. Cost £12+VAT
Up to 5 icons on 1 image. Cost £30 +VAT 

• Package 2. Taking 6-10 shots of 1 item inc close up and details, supplied on a white background. Cost £300 +VAT.

Headings, captions and bullet points on 4 images. Cost £45 +VAT.
Up to 7 icons on 1 image. Cost £40 +VAT.

• Package 3
. Taking 11-15 shots of 1 item inc close up and details, supplied on a white background. Cost £450 +VAT.

Headings, captions and bullet points on 8 images. Cost £60 +VAT.
Up to 9 icons on 1 image. Cost £50 +VAT•

If the items are more complicated, the cost will be more per shot ( up to an extra £10 per shot), we will not take any shots without advising you beforehand.

If models or lifestyle shots are required we will discuss and advise of costs at time of booking. We do have some models available, that are at reasonable rates, if full time professional models are required the charges are likely to be for a minimum of 2 hours, we will send you images of the models for your selection and advise you of charges prior to the photography being booked. 

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