Image Editing

Skillful Image Editing

Quite often it is necessary to isolate a product or item from it’s background. Dpix Creative Photography offer image editing as an additional service to our clients.

So what are the benefits? If the images are used in a catalogue or brochure, they need a consistent look and feel. To get the optimum result as far as highlights, reflections, shading and clarity, the item will need to be photographed under strict studio conditions. This eliminates unwanted reflections and colour casts.

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Image Editing Bromsgrove

Dpix Creative Photography are experienced image editors. We have been working with businesses in Worcestershire, and across the Midlands, for over 20 years.

Our client base is varied and that means we have a broad range of work to showcase. From the smallest piece of jewellery to a huge warehouse, and everything in between, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver the right image for your business.

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If you would like to discuss a project call us on 01527 874819 or use our contact form to get in touch.

Call us on 01527 874819 or use our contact form