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Professionals in Product Photography

Product Photography is vital when it comes to bringing a product to market as ‘image is everything’. When working on projects for our clients involving product photography, the attention to detail is critical.

Dpix Creative Photography ensures that each product looks top notch with gleaming highlights, stunning angles and crisp focus or not, (if we are after a special effect we quite often do the reverse and create shallow depth of field) . We like our clients to feel that their items look ‘a million dollars’. Clients or our client’s clients, can attend an exhibition, produce a catalogue or display their latest product on their packaging with absolute confidence.

We love working in our rural studio here in Bromsgrove, Worcester but are equally at home if we have to take our equipment to nearby places like Birmingham or in fact anywhere in the U.K.

Professional Photographic Studio & Lighting

In our purpose-built photographic studio, we have complete control of the lighting, where we have more lights than you can shake a stick at. When taking shots of products for our clients, we know we have the perfect light for every occasion. Even if we are working on location Dpix have some special lighting that can be stood miles away from a plug socket and still light the product with the panache that it merits.

Photographing Product Mock Ups or Prototypes

In product photography, we often are supplied mock-ups or prototypes that don’t work. These are a bit like a “Blue Peter” project, held together with Blu-tack, sellotape and anything else that comes to hand. This is a classic product photography situation where when the client has reached this stage things become time critical. They need to start the process of marketing long in advance of the fully working model being available.

High Quality Shots = Happy Clients

So enough about the lighting! Perfect product photography is also about technique. This is something that we have honed after having many years of experience in giving those ‘on the money shots’. Superb technique, time and effort have resulted in high-quality photographs being used in thousands of catalogues, brochures and packaging hitting the market for our happy clients, and clients of clients.

Fast Turnarounds on Photo Shoots

Tight deadlines are almost our middle names. We relish the challenge of “here is my product, when can I get the images?”. We go the extra mile and can be found working at weekends or burning the midnight oil, just to make sure everything stays on schedule.

Product Photographers

Dpix Creative Photography are experienced product or commercial photographers. We have been working with businesses in Worcestershire, and across the Midlands, for over 20 years. We have created this page product photography portfolio to show some samples.

Our client base is varied and that means we have a broad range of work to showcase. From the smallest piece of jewellery to a huge warehouse, and everything in between, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver the right image for your business.

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Call us on 01527 874819 or use our contact form