Product photography: Studio and location photography

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When working in an area that we hadn’t worked before, with someone that we didn’t know, it’s really important to tick all of the boxes both on a quality/creative level and also to create a fairly instant rapport with people. I think that we can quite confidently say that all of these boxes we ticked.

We were recommended on social media by a few friends to someone in Birmingham, that was launching a brand new range of items. 

A meeting was set up, the project discussed, prices given and dates were agreed to start working together. 

Part one was due to take place in the studio and Grace the client was going to pre arrange some of the images, so there would be nominal tweaking on site prior to the shoot. The studio day went like a dream as you will see.

Then it came to part two, as we needed an environment that would be suitable and relevant to showcase the ribbons in use. 

Again Grace had done her homework it was down to us to make sure the products looked at their best and that the lighting and composition was complimentary.

Both us and the client were delighted with what was achieved, to the point that we have been recommended by them to other purchasers of photography on the same social media page.


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