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Studio Product Photography – developing your product is like the Grand National…

‘Taking your product to market’ happens at the end of the race, so those product images should soar over the final hurdles. You need good Studio Product Photography to ensure you’ve backed a winner!

studio product photography
So what are the odds that you get it right?
Turning to a professional is a good start! Well, we like to think that we are a sought-after stable; so you’ve come to the right place.

How green is my paddock?
You’ve clearly spent a lot of time and money in R&D on getting your product right. We will make sure your product photography portfolio continues in a similar vein. Years of experience and a custom-built studio will make sure of that.

Under starter’s orders
A good briefing ensures good studio product photography.
What is the context?
Photography of your cherished product should be sympathetic to the branding.
Where will the first sighting of it be by the potential customer?
Online? In a brochure? Or as it sits proudly on a shelf in its packaging? So, how is the image going to be used?
Product Photography West Midlands

And they’re off….
Good practice in studio product photography will result from an expert approach.
Choose a skilled and experienced creative. dpix creative photography has the benefit of a modern purpose-built photography studio: infinity curve, lashings of lighting, (Apple) computer system and… cameras!!!

Don’t fall at the first hurdle
You wouldn’t book a commercial photographer if their work were predominantly wedding photography. You would hire an expert creative with a professionally equipped photographic studio to get those detailed shots that a brief requires. Cleverly lit food photography isn’t for smart-phone-Alecs.

Crack the whip
Product photography is all about the detail, lighting for lifestyle isn’t lighting for nuts ‘n’ bolts. The money-shot is paramount to us… Best composition is eye-catching and catches your product in the best light.
Product Photography Worcestershire

Enter the market place with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the image of your product is fit for its purpose and good-to- go. Our track-record has ensured that a raft of top-notch products are viewed as outstanding in their field.

Your product is a thoroughbred, it will look good in the winners paddock.

You’ll be delighted that you backed the winner…
Creative photographers Darren Shipman & Julie King are qualified members of the British Institute of Professional Photography. They are passionate about commercial photography and have worked extensively over many years for a range of clients, producing Advertising Photography, Lifestyle Photography, PR Photography and Food Photography throughout the UK. Their custom-built studio is based in Bromsgrove

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