The 12 days of Dpix…

There’s never a dull moment in the life of a DPIX commercial photographer and it feels like we’ve photographed everything except a partridge in a pear tree this year!

It’s impossible to share everything we’ve done, but we thought we’d end the year with a little round–up of highlights and projects to give you an insight into the work that has made 2015 a merry one for us.

12 dunks with dpix  

Food Photography by Dpix Photography, Bromsgrove, Redditch & Worcester

Our love of biscuits, and the importance we place on them at our business meetings, is well known amongst our clients! You may call this a quirk, we see it as something to celebrate.  So much so, we have started incorporating the biscuit theme into our own marketing.  Of course, this involved a few hours of buying, photographing and eating biscuits (oh crumbs, such a hardship).  If you receive our monthly e-newsletter, you may have noticed our ‘dunk with dpix’ slogan accompanied by some delicious biscuit images.  If you haven’t seen one yet, send us your email on our contact form here and we’ll deliver our latest project news, photography tips and tricks of the trade direct to your inbox each month next year.

11 lovely locations

Location Photography by Dpix Photography, Bromsgrove, Redditch & Worcester

Whilst we love working on studio photography from the purpose-built studio in our grounds, it’s also great to get out and about once in a while.  Sometimes, there is just no substitute for a lovely location – as we discussed in our ‘Location, location, location’ blog post back in June.  From our back yard garden party shoot to the sights of Lyme Regis Harbour, we’ve had some fantastic days out this year – all in the name of work.  Unfortunately, no-one has asked us to use Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop yet, but we can hope…

10 littl’uns laughing

DPIX School Photography | Children Over the Camera

They say never work with children and animals… but that’s no fun at all!  Nothing raises a smile like capturing lively little ones at work or play.  School prospectus photography, although it can be demanding, tiring and at times challenging work, has to be high on our list of favourite jobs.  Take a look at our top tips from lessons learned in creating class class photo in April blog post.

9 props a-plenty


A lot of our photographic subjects take creative thought to make them stand out and impress.  From saw blades to radiators and cufflinks to coffins we’ve applied not only our expertise, but our imaginations too, to produce quality advertising and marketing photographs for brands and companies.  It’s the part of the job that keeps us on our toes and why two dpix days are never the same!  Whatever the subject, we always like to make our advertising images sizzle.

8 tasty platefuls

DPIX Location Photography | Chef in Kitchen

From curries to cakes and cheese boards to chips, we’ve been lucky enough to sink our teeth into some great food photography projects this year.  Creating images to make your mouth water isn’t as easy as you might think, but it’s so important if you’re marketing something edible, or food related.  After all, people eat with their eyes first.  Whet your appetite with some of the fabulous studio food pics we shared in our May blog post.

7 ‘Pop Art’ products

Lifstyle Studio Photography dpix 5resized

When a product is already attention-grabbing – what can we do to make it more so? They don’t come much more eye-catching than the Kitchen Craft ‘Pop Art’ range!  Luckily, creating studio sets that set off products perfectly is one of our specialties, together with a discerning eye for detail in their placement.  The striking contrast of the vividly coloured pop art goodies against a matt black backdrop really made them, well, pop!  Take a peek at our August blog post for more of an insight into the behind the scenes story of set design for a catalogue photography shoot.

6 corporate portraits

DPIX People Photography | Coprporate portrait with Effect



It’s so important in the corporate world to have a profile photo you can be proud of.  The digital age isn’t kind to the camera shy – with requests for a profile pic everywhere from your Twitter and Facebook page to your website ‘meet the team’ bio and Linked-in link.  We are finding the call for professional portrait photography is becoming an increasingly sought-after service! Instead of trying to hide away, invest in professional shots that are sure to show off your best side.  Above all, try and avoid these ten worst types of profile photograph

5 vintage bags

Product Photography dpix 2resized

We’re always thrilled to know our photography is helping kick-start the marketing of a brand new business.  When a local start-up wanted some professional photography to show off their high quality craftsman-made leather bags – it was our pleasure to oblige.  Trying to carve a name as a new business can be tough, so highlighting your USPs is imperative.  With the vintage bags, for example, it was paramount to keep everything clean, crisp and sharp to display all of the handcrafted features. They say a picture speaks a thousand words – which is why superior images can be make or break.  Whatever you do, try to steer clear of stock images wherever possible – it’s important to show what makes YOU unique, as we mentioned earlier in the year here.

4 Webbs festive cheese plates

Food Photography dpix 3resized

It’s always lovely when you’re asked to create a bank of festive photos. When it involves wine and cheese – all the better! The garden centre, Webbs of Wychbold, wanted to create some images to promote their cheeses, wine and associated serving products, and this tabletop set up worked perfectly.  It really helped us get in the yuletide mood. Festive photo shoots don’t always happen around Christmastime, however.  We’ve decked the halls in February before now to create seasonal images for early promotion. It just keeps Christmas alive all year round!

3 Vax pressure washers

Location Photography dpix 2resized

We can sometimes be put under pressure to work in tricky conditions to fulfil a specific brief.  Lighting a location shoot for Vax where water jets played a significant role, for example, was certainly… exciting.  Pressure washers produce far more spray than a spattering of rain, but we didn’t let that dampen our enthusiasm!  Overcoming challenges to ensure we get the perfect picture is one of the things that fascinates us about photography.  Simply tell us what you want, we’ll always strive to deliver.

2 Midwest Helmets




As Christmas is a time for reflection – we couldn’t miss out our recent photoshoot that was all about managing reflections, of a different kind.  When a local motorcycle helmet and clothing company needed images of their latest products for inclusion in their catalogue and on their website, they called on us to capture the perfect shots.

If you want to reflect on more of our photography, take a look at our online portfolio.

And an MP at his Bromsgrove home

Corporate Portraits dpix 1resized

Public figures often have a need for positive PR, and professional photography certainly plays its part in that.  Julie has had the pleasure of photographing The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP a few times this year, including completing a photo shoot at his home in Bromsgrove.  Any photographer will tell you, the key to portrait photography is to help the subject feel relaxed and at ease. This can be easier said than done – especially if you’re invited to photograph someone on a particularly nerve-wracking day.  Julie was tasked with putting Sajid at ease the day before the general election in May!  Fortunately, Julie is a skilled professional who happens to be great with people.  Her wedding and portrait photography are testament to that. Just take a look at her own portfolio of work on her website here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our 12 days of dpix.  All that’s left is for us to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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