Make Your Agency Stand out in the Visual Age with Creative Photography

Face it, we’re living in a visual age. Hundred of millions of photographs are uploaded to the internet every day. Everyone with a smart phone is a potential photographer, and everyone is sharing their images. So how does that impact businesses? Research has shown that advertising content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. So how can your design agency, marketing agency or advertising agency separate your marketing photography from this tsunami of badly thought out images? Quite simply by employing a specialist Professional Creative Photographer to capture your Commercial Photography, Food Photography and PR photography.

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What benefits do you get from using professional creative photography for your Commercial Photography, Food Photography and PR photography?

Your customers make decisions based on instinct. If they like the look of something, then chances are they’ll be interested in it. Our creative photographers at dpix use their expertise gained over the last 21 years, to capture your product literally in the perfect light. Attention to detail is key to making your client’s business images dynamic and memorable to their customers. Whether you’re a design agency marketing your client’s latest commodity, a marketing agency highlighting your customer’s skills or an advertising agency bringing a product to market, dpix has the depth of knowledge to ensure your business receives the best Creative Photography package possible. Commercial Photography, Food Photography and PR Photography needs to be handled by an expert. And luckily for you, here at dpix we have two!

But you can get stock photographs off the Internet right? You can get anything on there! Why bother paying for a Creative Photographer? Quite simply put – stock photographs are boring! They’ve been taken to be just that. They’re serviceable, they show what they’re supposed to, but honestly – you wouldn’t remember them would you? What they lack is the dynamism and unique edge that you get from tailor made images. They lack the understanding of your brand and your products. You wouldn’t hang a stock image in an art gallery would you? So why use one to represent your brand? What you pay for when employing Creative Photographers from dpix is an intuitive eye for creating the most engaging image along with years of experience of doing just that. Eye-tracking studies show that internet readers pay close attention to images. In fact, when the images are relevant, they spend more time looking at the images than they do reading text on the page. So get it wrong at your peril!

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Creative photographers Darren Shipman & Julie King are qualified members of the British Institute of Professional Photography. They are passionate about product photography and have worked extensively over many years for a range of clients, producing Advertising Photography, Lifestyle Photography, PR Photography and Food Photography for agencies throughout the UK.

Using their expert knowledge of lighting including flash and composition alongside professional equipment and environment Julie and Darren work as a team to produce images of the highest creative standard for your Commercial Photography, Food Photography and PR photography needs. They’re both DBS checked and love the challenge of bringing something new to each photoshoot.

As well as their own spacious studio in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, Julie and Darren regularly travel to customer sites and various off-site locations. They’ve covered agency shoots across London including aboard HMS Belfast, at the Imperial War Museums, inside the Big Brother House, in Regents Park and Canary wharf. They also work regularly across the Midlands and Worcestershire.

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So why invest in Creative Photography for your agency? Because it is an investment – nothing worthwhile is cheap. Attract customers and your business improves. It’s that simple. And as we all know how powerful the right image can be, ensuring the image that you present for your customers is the right one is the most important marketing decision you can make!

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