It’s all about Location, Location, Location

location photography-Lyme Regis beach 1No, there’s no Kirsty Allsop or Phil Spencer in sight – but finding the right location for your photography shoot really can be as important as getting the right ‘fit’ for your home.

It’s all about the setting with a commercial photography shoot.  But, heed our word of warning –  relevance has to be the deciding factor when sourcing a location.

You can find the most beautiful backdrop in the world, but if it doesn’t help you market your product or service effectively it really won’t help your campaign.

Location should add an extra dimension to an image without dominating it, or raising the question ‘why?’.

It might be tempting to want to spend a day’s jolly at the seaside now the sunshine has arrived, but a beach day is only relevant if you’re promoting something, well, that lends itself to sun, sea and sand!

You could stretch the imagination and photograph a perfectly coiffed corgi walking on the beach to promote your pet grooming business, but let’s be honest – the link is a little tenuous…

Think about how much mileage you will get from an image like that. Once summer is over, are people going to be worried about their pooch getting sandy paws after a play in the sea?

Of course, sometimes the beach is the perfect place…

Lyme Regis Harbour

How could we argue with a day at the beach when asked to photograph Kitchen Craft’s stylish ‘Seafarer’ range, for example?  With a title like that, boats and sailing references are a must!

You could spend an age crafting a set design in the studio with netting, rope, a map and a compass – but it would never have the same dramatic effect as this harbour backdrop.

location photography-Lyme Regis beach 1 location

Remember, however, you don’t always have to travel far to find what you need…

Your own back yard!

When it came to photographing Kitchen Craft’s stunning ‘Butterfly Lane’ range of kitchenware, we didn’t need to look further than our own back yard.

Nothing shouts ‘cream tea’ like a quintessentially English country garden, don’t you agree?

location photography-garden party 1 location photography-garden party 5

The brief was to capture the essence of the range in a natural and fun way, and where better to photograph butterflies?

Sometimes, the location is completely out of your hands…

Static locations

We appreciate not every product is portable! This obviously limits your choice of location somewhat – but where the location is pre-determined, the photography becomes more about making best use of the backdrop in the angles of the shots, use of lighting or by being slightly more creative with the composition.

location location

Your venue may be the only obvious option too…

Adding insight on-site

The skill in photographing on-site at a venue is to capture the feel of it, making best use of the backdrop but showcasing the people and/or product within.  You can even be creative with the most basic on-site shots, like staff portraits.

location location

Use your artist’s eye when looking around a venue and think outside the box.

Some final location, location, location tips:

  • A comprehensive brief on what the client wants, or doesn’t want, will help in choosing a location.
  • Try to understand the audience and purpose of the photography and never take a uniform approach.  Even with similar establishments, like schools, you can use the uniqueness of their location to bring out their individual qualities.
  • Think about the timing of your campaigns.  Seasonal photography may need a little extra planning.

If you need a bit of guidance, just call us the Kirsty and Phil of the photography world.  We can help you choose the perfect location, or help you make the most of your location to ensure your location photography is as safe as houses.

If you would like to talk to us about commercial photography, perhaps in our studio, contact us on 01527 874 819.


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